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Past GLS Program Faculty


Past Participating UNCW Faculty

Past Participating UNCW Faculty

Hannah Abrams Frank Ainsley
Hannah D. Abrams
Lecturer in English
M.F.A., UNCW (creative writing)
GLS Course: Composing a Self: Autobiography and Memoir from the Margins
Frank Ainsley - Faculty Emeriti (now deceased and sorely missed)
Professor of Geography
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (geography)
GLS Courses: The Shaping of America: Cultural Landscapes and the American Sense of Place; Vernacular Architecture
John Bennett Herbert Berg
John Bennett
Associate Professor of Health and Applied Human Sciences and UNCW Distinguished Teaching Professor
Ed.D., Northern Illinois University (physical education)
GLS Course: Our Cultural Heritage through Dance
Herbert Berg
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Director, International Studies (Past Director of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program)
Ph.D., University of Toronto, Ontario (philosophy and religion)
GLS Courses: Religion and Sex; Atheism and Unbelief; The Problem of Evil ; Islam and America; The Qur'an in Translation
Todd Berliner Michelle Bliss
Todd Berliner
Professor of Film Studies
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
GLS Course: Theatre and Cinema; The Hollywood Aesthetic: Pleasure in Mainstream Cinema 
Michelle Bliss
M.F.A., UNCW (creative writing)
GLS Course: Writing Biography: How to Research and Write about Another Person's Life; From the Fleeting to the Enduring: Exploring and Writing Literary Journalism ;
James Brewster Raymond Burt
James Brewster
D. Min.; Drew University
GLS Courses: Meditation: Theory and Practice ; Environmental Ethics Made Local ; World Religions - Post 9-11 ; Ancient Messiahs, Modern Cults: Studies in Religious Leadership
; Values and Technology
Raymond Burt
Professor of 
World Languages and Cultures
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
GLS Course: Cinematic Adaptations of Literature: Artistic and Cultural Transformations
Lou Buttino Vernon Cronen
Lou Buttino
Professor and past Chair of Film Studies
Ph.D., The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
GLS Courses: The Documentary Experience: A Filmmaker's Journey; Television and Democracy: The Pivotal Years; Doing Documentary Work; Introduction to Screenwriting ; Advanced Screenwiting ;
Vernon Cronen (Visiting Scholar- Communication Studies)
Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois; Professor Emeritus University or Massachusetts
GLS Course: CMM and the World Around Us
Bill DiNome Mark Gaskill
Bill DiNome (scroll down to Student Media on this link)
M.F.A., UNCW (creative writing - fiction)
GLS Course: Freakish Visions: Physical Difference in Western Literature and Art
Mark Gaskill
Education: Ph.D., University of New Mexico (clinical psychology)
GLS Course: 
Innovative Thinking and the Nature of Invention
Joseph Gouverneur Don Habibi
Joseph Gouverneur
Education: Ph.D., University of Sheffield, UK (History/Religious Studies)
GLS Courses: 
Spies, Saboteurs, and Subversives ; American Addictions: From Temperance, Prohibition, and the Mob to the 12 Step Movement ;
Don Habibi
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Ph.D., Cornell University
GLS Courses: Political Freedom and Oppression: Cinematic Explorations; The Clash of Civilizations

Kimberly Faxon Hemingway

Mary Elizabeth Hines

Kimberly Faxon Hemingway

Lecturer in English
Education: MFA, University of North Carolina Wilmington (creative writing)
GLS Courses: Creative Non-Fiction: Memoir and Truthtelling
 ; The Art of Creative Nonfiction ; Writing About Place ; The Art of the Personal Essay ;

Mary Elizabeth Hines
Associate Professor of Geography
Ph.D., Louisiana State University (geography)
GLS Courses: The Historical Geography of Food; The Historical Geography of American Race Relations
 ; Homelessness in America ;

Ashley Hudson

Donna King

Ashley E. Hudson

Lecturer and Assistant Director, Graduate Liberal Studies Program
M.F.A, University of North Carolina Wilmington (creative writing)
GLS Courses: Contemporary Issues in Liberal Studies ; Lying Our Way to the Truth: The Personal Narrative in Poetry
; Grave Robbing for a Wedding Gown: An Exploration of the Contemporary Fairy Tale ; Easy Under the Apple Boughs: The Natural World in Poetry; There is an Otherness Inside Us: An Exploration of Contemporary Southern Poetry; Contemporary Issues in Liberal Studies ; Graduate Research Writing and Techniques ; Writing with Style ; The Craft of Creative Writing Workshop ; Creative Nonfiction: Memoir and Truth Telling ; Palaver Publishing Practicum ;

Donna King
Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., City University of New York, Graduate Center (sociology)
GLS Courses: Mass Media and Society; Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Popular Culture; Post-Modern Childhood
Patricia Lerch Diane Melroy
Patricia Lerch
Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D., The Ohio State University (anthropology)
GLS Courses: Shamanism; Culture Wars and the Origin of Difference
Diane Melroy
Lecturer in Biology
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (botany)
GLS Courses: Genetics and Its Impact on Society; Exploring Science through Science Writing
 ; The Past and Future of the Human Body; Lions and Tigers and Bears ... or not: The Role of Predators in Human and Natural Ecology ;
Sam Murrell

Diana Pasulka

Sam Murrell
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Ph.D., Drew University (philosophy and religion)
GLS Course: The Black Intellectual Tradition

Diana Pasulka

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Ph.D., Syracuse University

GLS Course: Religion, Women, Gender in Early Modern Europe: Texts and Contexts

P. Nelson Reid John Rice
P. Nelson Reid (personal page not available)
Professor of Social Work
Ph.D., The Ohio State University (social work)
GLS Course: Poverty, Social Policy, and the American Welfare State
John Rice
Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of Virginia (sociology)
GLS Course: Art in Social Science Perspective
H. David Shuster Robert Sutton
H. David Shuster
Ph.D., University of Rochester (higher education curriculum)

GLS Courses: Creativity, Innovation, Intuition, and Imagination ; 1787: Constitutional Players; Becoming a Political Pundit; Confederate States of America: Government and Politics;
 The Great Ism's; Political and Economic Ideologies Shaping and Distorting Modern Societies ; The March of Folly: How and Why State Leaders Historically Act Against their Self-Interest ; The Confederate States of America: Spirit and Message for Today;
Robert Sutton
Ph.D., Drew Graduate School (philosophy))
GLS Course: Ethics through Literature
Patricia Turrisi Mike Wentworth
Patricia Turrisi
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Director, Graduate
Liberal Studies Program

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
GLS Courses: The Good Life; The Human Condition; The Culture of Objects and Object Fancy; Technology and the Quality of Life; Evil and Suffering; Happiness and Well Being;
Mike Wentworth
Professor of English, UNCW Distinguished Teaching Professor (Past Director of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program)
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University (English)
GLS Courses:Cultural Images of America in the 50s; Cultural Images of America in the 60s; The Contemporary American Workplace;"Nightmare Alleys": American Noir Fiction ; The Beat Generation and American Culture
; Cultural Images of America During the Great Depression; "Romancing the Road": Classic American Road Narratives ; Academic Mayhem: College Life in Literature and Popular Media; Laughing Matters: American Contemporary Humor ; Main Street USA ;


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