Course Description

Memoir: Writing Your Story

Instructor: John Dailey

The course will focus on defining the memoir and differentiating it from the autobiography and the personal essay with emphasis on the ability of the memoir to use an individual story to shine a light on broader truths. We will close-read selected examples of memoir and craft essays and provide an analysis of each along with critique/comment on the analysis of other students. Each student will submit a memoir that will be workshopped with the class and refined to a final draft. The final draft will be submitted as a component of the final project along with a self-reflection journal.

Expectations for the course:
  • Weekly reading of 20-40 pages and discussion board participation.
  • Weekly self-reflection journal (1-2 pages).
  • Submission of memoir first draft (10-15 pages) and workshop participation.
  • Final project consisting of polished memoir (15-20 pages) and self-reflection journal summary.
Required Texts: TBD