Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: Issues in Contemporary Religion

Instructor: Chris Moreland

An interdisciplinary examination of contemporary issues in various religious traditions with a focus upon such topics as the challenge of modernity, Islamist fundamentalism, responses to the pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio, neo-paganism/witchcraft, religion and pop culture, the intersection of social justice and religion, and women’s experiences. Students will be presented with methodological tools ranging from women’s studies to the historical-critical method. 

This course has relevance to disciplines such as religion, history, women and gender studies, sociology, and international studies. While multifarious lenses will be utilized, an interdisciplinary approach based on the historical-critical-textual method provides a common methodological language for students from various disciplines. 

Required Texts: Contact the instructor for a list of required texts

Required Materials: High-speed reliable internet access, a laptop, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, webcam.