Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

Floating Homelands: Conceptions of Homeplace in Contemporary Literature and Culture

Maia L. Butler

In this course, we will read into the myriad ways home is represented in literature, art, music, film, and popular culture, and think about how conceptions of identity and belonging shift as immigrants are depicted moving through and living in various places. We will consider how an interdisciplinary array of cultural productions present issues of race, class, gender, region, and nationality as contingent aspects of identity that are often in flux as people on the move respond to exigent geopolitical realities. We will examine myriad ways of constructing home, reading and responding to theory and criticism about various ways of experiencing belonging and cultivating community, and we will put critical readings in conversation with the texts (broadly conceived) we encounter in class. We will also consider public discourse and examine various local, regional, and transnational forces behind the movement of people and the shifting nature of landscapes, communities, and built environments.

Required Texts: TBD