Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Congratulations, Christopher Laursen!

Dr. Christopher Laursen was presented with the "Excellence in e-Learning" Award at the 2018 Annual Faculty Awards on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Excellence in e-Learning 1: GLS Program: UNCW

Clockwise from front center:

OeL course designers Ginu Easow, Amy Ostrom, and Dan Dunnagan with Dr. Christopher Laursen.

Excellence in e-Learning 1: GLS Program: UNCw Dr. Christopher Laursen with Dean Aswani Volety of the College of Arts and Sciences (left) and Dr. Patricia Turrisi, director of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program (right).
Excellence in e-Learning 3: GLS Program: UNCW Dr. Christopher Laursen with Dr. Patricia Turrisi (left) and UNC-Wilmington Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli (right).


Last Updated: December 5, 2018