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GLS 592: Poetry and Life of A.R. Ammons

Instructor: Ray Mize

A.R. Ammons

This course is designed around the life and poetry of North Carolina born and bred, A.R. Ammons. From his humble origins in the New Hope Community, Ammons became one of the shining lights in American poetry in the latter half of the 20th century. In addition to achieving the position of Goldwin Smith Professor of Poetry at Cornell University, Ammons published twenty-five books of poetry and a collection of essays/interviews. Sired by the Emerson-Whitman-Dickinson-Stevens school, Ammons has been described as the last writer in the American Sublime tradition.

REQUIRED TEXT (Summer II 2005 course)

A.R. Ammons, Collected Poems (W.W. Norton)

Supplemental handouts

COURSE REQUIREMENTS (Summer II 2005 course)

  1. 2 analytical papers
  2. final project as a continuation of the above papers (see written syllabus)
  3. oral presentation based on final paper

GRADING CRITERIA (Summer II 2005 course)

2 essays ..................50%
Final project .............30%
Oral presentation ......20%

Note: The class syllabus will also contain an A.R. Ammons Bibliography and a list entitled Suggestions for Final Project Topic.

Note: Image provided courtesy of the NC Writers Network.

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