Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Final Project Abstracts

Willard S. (Sam) Perry -- "The All Too Human Traveller"

Travel is important as a tool for expanding self. My hope is to show travel as a unique and creative mode of expression when viewed with Frederich Nietzsche's Appolonian and Dionysian dichotomy of human nature. Nietzsche's idea of human nature is foundationally linked with the function of the will and its push to raise the faculties to, in Nietzsche's sense, become more human. The will serves a natural purpose within the traveling human. A creative, self-assertive being may arise out of the immediacy of experience amplified by traveling. The purpose here is to reveal, through Nietzsche's philosophy of human nature, travel as a philosophical and functional concept acting as a tool for expanding self.

Last Update: February 7, 2005