Geographic Information Sciences

Web GIS Portal 

The Spatial Analysis Lab in the Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences has created Internet Mapping websites since 2000 and has recently upgraded to ArcServer 10 for hosting several GIS projects. You can link to these Web-GIS services using the list below:

Flooding & Population Dynamics - 1970 to present:
Selected variables from the Census of Population. Each variable has been standardized by converting to z-scores. Web applications have been created for income as well as the following years: 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010.

Pender County Flood Risk
A web application providing evidence of a "King Tide" which occurred in North Carolina from July 11–14, 2018. 

UNCW STEAM 2018 - Where in the World are you:
A web application for visualizing points collected from the EOS department as part of UNCW STEAM 2018.

wetlands mini

UNCW - Cape Fear COG Wetlands Project:
A web application for visualizing locations of wetland change insoutheasten North Carolina. As apart of the spring 2018 UNCW Community Engagement Grant, eight sites were investigated to assess wetland change in southeastern North Carolina. 

maonboro mini Masonboro:
Several maps portraying imagery, features and change on Masonboro Island. This project is also being used as a template for future student development.

riverrun mini

An Interactive mapping application for visualizing water quality parameters in the Lower Cape Fear River.

oculini mini

The Oculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern is a deep-water coral reef area off the Atlantic coast of Florida. Several organizations have studied the Oculina HAPC in order to understand how to manage this resource.