Geographic Information Sciences


The North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis manages statewide geospatial data and disseminates these data via a web portal (NC OneMap). The legislated governing body for NC CGIA is the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council which is represented by federal, state and local government organizations, private sector, and one representative from the UNC System. Dr. Joanne Halls, UNCW, represents the UNC System. Please contact her if there is anything you would like the Council to discuss or investigate. If there are data needs, resources, or tools you would like to collaborate with the council then please contact her at

UNCW's Randall Library contains a wealth of data and research publications related to geospatial technology. Contact Peter Fritzler for more information.

Are you looking for great information? There are plenty of great websites, but listservs are also a great way to stay in touch with the rapidly changing technology. Here are a few that may interest you:

Facilities at UNCW are located in the "Facilities" section and if you are in search of data, check our the "where to find data" link on the left.