Geographic Information Sciences

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UNCW graduate students are conducting lots of GISci research (in reverse chronological order):

Current Graduate Students:

Sarah Chahin: MS Geoscience (Earth Processes): Combining multispectial imagery and LiDAR topography to build a predictive model of barrier island geomorphology. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Jessica Magolan: MS Geoscience (Geospatial): Investigating coastal NC habitat transitions from freshwater wetlands to salt marsh. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Erin McCarthy: MS Marine Science: Trophic transfer and habitat use: Assessing the pre-restoration impact of the Faka Union Canal in southwest Florida. Advisors: Dr. Ai Ning Loh and Dr. Joanne Halls

Past Graduate Students:

Maria Frishman: MS Geoscience (geology) Spring 2017: Development of an automated model to classify geomorphology and compute changes across several North Carolina barrier islands. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Maria GraduationMasonboro Island Geomorphology

Alyssa Randall, MS Marine Science (December, 2015): Nesting Patterns of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta Caretta) in North Carolina (2005 – 2014). Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Alyssa RandallTurtle Nest Predictions

Presentation at the Southeastern ESRI User Conference: Hurdles for Turtles: Modeling the Nesting Suitability for Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in North Carolina (2005 - 2014).

Timothy Moss, MS Marine Science (December, 2015): An Investigation of Barrier Island Topographic Change Using LIDAR (Masonboro Island, NC). Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Tim Moss

Jacquelyn Putnam, MS Geoscience (December, 2015): Hurricane evacuation modeling and shelter use in Coastal North Carolina. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Kaitlyn Costin, MS Marine Science (Spring, 2015): Tidal Creek Habitat Mapping: An Assessment of WorldView-2 Imagery for Mapping Estuarine Habitats and Deriving Bathymetry. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Kaitlyn CostinPages Creek Habitat Map

McCarthy, Matthew, MS Marine Science (December, 2013: Using Spatial Analysis Technology to Assess Habitat Change on North Carolina Barrier Islands: An Investigation Using IKONOS, QuickBird and WorldView-2. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Caldwell, Aaron, MS in Computer Science and Information Systems, 2013. Project title: ArcGIS Server: An Application Migration, Application Template Construction and Server Analysis & Design for the University of North Carolina Wilmington Department of Geography & Geology. Advisor: Dr. Douglas Kline.

Maness, Amanda, MS Marine Science (2011): Acoustic and visual seabed classification of Oculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern, Southeast Florida shelf. Advisor: Dr. Nancy Grindlay

Williams, Amanda , MS Marine Science (Spring 2009) Mapping Land Cover Change as an Indicator for Coral Reef Distribution at Boracay Island, Philippines. Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Rodriguez, Kassy, MS Marine Science (2009): Mapping oyster reefs using sidescan sonar and subbottom profiling: Cape Fear River, southeastern North Carolina. Advisor: Dr. Nancy Grindlay

Zavalago, Carlos, PhD in Marine Biology (2008): Spatial analysis of the blue-footed boobies of Peru using remote data trackers and environmental data such as sea surface temperature,chlorophyll a, and bathymetry. Advisor: Dr. Steve Emslie

Barbieri, Michelle, MS Marine Science (2005): Physiological and Behavioral Thermoregulation in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) in Sarasota, Florida. Advisor: Dr. Ann Pabst

Hanby, Courtney, MS Marine Science (Spring, 2005): Use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to Examine Bottlenose Dolphin Community Structure in Southeastern North Carolina. Co-Advisors: Dr. Joanne Halls and Dr. Laela Sayigh

Landry, J. Brooke, MS Marine Science (2005): Changes in the Distribution and Density of Florida Bay Macrophytes: 1995 - 2004. Advisor: Dr. Michael Durako

Reimer, Beth, MS Marine Science (2004): Influences of Major Storm Events on Backbarrier Salt marsh Change: Masonboro Island, Southeastern North Carolina. Advisor: Dr. Lynn Leonard

Manning, Christopher Brent, MS Marine Science (Spring, 2003): Topographic Analysis of the Oculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern Using a Multimedia Geographic Information System (GIS). Advisor: Dr. Joanne Halls

Miller, Shelly, MS Marine Science (2002): An Examination of Phosphorus and Sediment Characteristics within Anthropogenically Impacted Estuarine Watersheds. Advisor: Dr. Lynn Leonard

Minton, Jason, MS Biology (2002): Habitat Relationships of Cranes in Northeast Asia: A GIS Analysis. Advisor: Dr. Steve Emslie

Whitfield, Paula, MS Marine Science (2002): Recruitment, Survival and Growth of Thalassia Testudinum Seedlings in Physically Disturbed Seagrass Beds. Advisor: Dr. Michael Durako

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