Geographic Information Sciences

GISci Certificate

The Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences offers a post baccaulaureate certificate in Geographic Information Science (GISci). The GISci certificate enables students to achieve a documented expertise in geographic techniques which can then be leveraged to gain employment in the expanding GIS job market. Nationwide it is becoming more common that employers are looking for people who not only have degrees that include GIS courses, but also certificates are regarded as another mechanism to see that a potential job candidate has gained the required skills to be certified as a GIS specialist. For the Department of Geography and Geology, we are using the laboratory and equipment resources as well as faculty expertise to guide our students to fruitful careers in geography and this certificate is one way for us to fulfill that mission. A complete description of the program, the application process, and the curriculum can be found in the graduate catalog.

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For more information:
Please contact Dr. Narcisa Pricope ( if you have any questions about this certificate program.