2018 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Taking the Survey

  • When can I take the survey?
    The survey will launch on January 29, 2018. There will be a three-week window for employees to respond. Survey deadline is February 12, 2018.
  • How do I access the survey?
    Once the survey is launched, you will receive an email from ModernThink (surveys@modernthink.net) with the subject line "2018 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey" in your UNCW Outlook inbox. Click the link in the email to take the survey (see image below for sample email). SampleSurveyEmail
  • What does the email with my survey link look like?
    The email will be from ModernThink (surveys@modernthink.net) with the subject line "2018 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey" in your UNCW Outlook inbox. Click the link in the email to take the survey (see image below for sample email). SampleSurveyEmail
  • Where can I take the survey?
    You can take the survey on your work computer, cell phone or tablet. If you would like a space outside of your office to take the survey, the following rooms and times are available for you to drop-in to complete the survey: 
    Date Time Building Room #
    Tues., Jan. 30 2:30-4:30pm Education Building 335
    Wed., Jan. 31 8:30-10:30am McNeill 2061
    Wed., Jan. 31 8:30-10:30am Hoggard 249
    Wed., Feb. 7 9:30-11:30am McNeill 2061
    Wed. Feb. 7 9:30-11:00am Hoggard 249
    Thurs., Feb. 8 2:30-4:30pm McNeill 2061
    Thurs., Feb. 8 3:00-5:00pm Hoggard 249
    Fri. Feb. 9 8:30-10:30am Computer Information Sytems (CIS) 2055
  • How many questions are on the survey?
    The survey has about 90 questions across four components: belief statements, benefits statements, demographics questions, and open-ended questions. ModernThink reports that the average respondent spends 15-20 minutes completing the survey.
  • Will the survey be electronic or on paper?
    The survey will be administered online and available in English and Spanish.
  • Can the survey be done on a mobile device?
    Yes. The survey is mobile-friendly and can be completed on a PC/laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • What do I do if I accidentally deleted my email with the survey link?
    Call the ModernThink help line at 888.684.4658 to get your survey access link resent to your email.

General Questions About the Survey

  • What type of questions will be asked?
    The belief statements address key dimensions of employee engagement, including job satisfaction, institutional pride, communication, and fairness. Examples of belief statements are “My job makes good use of my skills and abilities,” “People in my department work well together,” and “I understand how my job contributes to this institution's mission.” Respondents will answer how strongly they agree or disagree on a five-point scale, or they can select ‘not applicable.’ The benefits questions gauge employee satisfaction on a five-point satisfaction scale with a variety of benefits programs provided by the State/University. The demographics questions provide employee self-identification, such as race, gender, years of service, salary range, organizational unit, etc.
  • Which employees will be surveyed?
    The survey audience will include all permanent full-time (0.75 FTE, equivalent to 30+ hours per week or a 9-month work schedule) faculty and staff at all 17 constituent institutions and UNC General Administration. Roughly 48,000 employees across the UNC System will be surveyed. Students will not participate in this survey. Other employee types, such as temporary and part-time employees, are not included in the standard survey audience.
  • How often will we do this survey, and why that frequency?
    The engagement survey will be distributed to all permanent, full-time faculty and staff every other year for the next five years (2018, 2020, and 2022). A shorter “pulse” survey of only a random sampling of permanent, full-time faculty and staff will be distributed in the off years (2019 and 2021). This should provide a sufficient snapshot of the culture of engagement at UNC-GA and our constituent institutions to develop trending data and to monitor changes without being too time-consuming for UNC-GA, the constituent institutions, and our employees. This every-other-year approach should also provide the constituent institutions with the opportunity to administer other relevant wide-distribution surveys, such as the COACHE survey for faculty, without inducing “survey fatigue” in a single calendar year.
  • What are the advantages of doing a survey like this?
    The survey will help establish a baseline for, and improve awareness of, the strengths and challenges in UNC-GA’s and each constituent institution’s workforce culture and human resources practices. This will assist leadership in focusing on specific areas within the constituent institution or across the UNC System where employee engagement challenges may exist and to recognize those areas that are succeeding in fostering strong employee engagement. The survey results will also help the UNC System advocate for improvements to our human resources policies and programs at the statewide level that are generally beyond our institutional control. In general, the survey can help build a culture of communication and trust by soliciting feedback from employees and then using that feedback to pursue meaningful incremental changes within each organization.
  • What are the risks of doing a survey like this?
    The greatest risk is figuring out what to do with the results and managing employee expectations about what can be achieved with these results. The survey itself is not a “magic bullet” that will result in the resolution of all employee concerns, and it is important that employees receive appropriate messaging in this regard. The University will work to manage these expectations carefully by communicating fully with our employees about the purpose of the survey and how the University intends to use the results. UNC-GA will be working closely with the chief human resources officers of the constituent institutions to develop appropriate messaging as the engagement survey is rolled out.

Questions About Survey Data and Reporting

  • How is confidentiality guaranteed?
    Confidentiality of individual responses is critical to the success of this program. The survey results provided to the university are not individually identifiable. The data will be collected and stored on secure servers managed by ModernThink. ModernThink will also provide a confidential customer support service to address employee questions or concerns. Additionally, a minimum of five responses is required for any identified demographic group in order for the university to receive response information in any report. If there are not at least five responses in that group, then the only available data would be “rolled up” to a broader group of respondents for reporting. Please feel free to contact ModernThink directly at 888-684-4658 with any additional questions regarding data and response confidentiality.
  • Will the survey results be published?
    Yes. UNC-GA will publish aggregated survey results for the UNC System as a whole and for each constituent institution in standard reports provided by ModernThink. UNC System or constituent institution data may also be used by ModernThink anonymously as a benchmark for other institutions.
  • What benchmarks are being used for comparison?
    UNC-GA is providing six standard benchmarking groups for comparison with UNC institutions. The benchmarks include data from institutions that have participated in ModernThink’s sponsored surveys.
    • The Great Colleges "Honor Roll"(highest rated institutions participating in that program)
    • Carnegie classification
    • Public institutions
    • Enrollment size
    • Region (south)
    • Single aggregate of all UNC institutions