Faculty and Staff B-GLAD

Contact Members

Dr. Thomas Janicki, Cameron School of Business, janickit@uncw.edu

Ms. Sandi Adams, Communication Studies, adamss@uncw.edu

Dr. Matt TenHuisen, Mathematics and Statistics, tenhuisenm@uncw.edu

Dr. Lisa Pollard, History, pollardl@uncw.edu

Dr. Gregory T. Chandler, Biology, chandlerg@uncw.edu

Dr. Jammie Price, CRJ, pricej@uncw.edu

Mr. L.S. "Bo" Dean, Honors Scholars Program, deanb@uncw.edu

Mr. Andy Dutka, Special Collections, Randall Library, dutkaa@uncw.edu

Please note: the community members listed here are members of the group who have offered to be a point of contact. His or her listing here does not reflect his or her sexual orientation.