Finance Training

uShop Training

uShop is an e-procurement system which provides an effective and efficient purchasing process for the university.

Review the information below to determine your role and which course(s) you will need to take to learn about uShop:

What is my role in uShop? - Roles are assigned to each user in uShop. By default, everyone is a shopper. Additional roles are assigned according to the user's job responsibilities. The roles are:

Shopper - This is the basic role in uShop and all UNCW employees have this ability to browse catalogs and put items in a cart. The cart is then forwarded to the Requestor, who will finish the cart and submit the order. This individual does not need Banner finance access. The recommended course for this role is: PUR206 Requestor/Shopper.

Requestor - An individual who initiates the electronic purchase of goods and services by shopping and creating a cart. The requestor applies FOAPAL information and must have Banner finance access. The required course for this role is: PUR206 Requestor/Shopper.

Senior Requestor - With the successful passing of the ACT105 uShop Expenditures test, a requestor can become a senior requestor. As with the requestor role, this person applies FOAPAL information and has Banner finance access. Users with a senior requestor role benefit by eliminating the manual account code approval process. The required courses for this role are: successful passing grade on ACT105 uShop Expenditures and PUR206 Requestor/Shopper.

Approver - An individual designated to electronically review/edit and approve the purchase requests within the delegated budget authority. These individuals are the budget authorities designated on each Banner fund and can be identified by fund on the Banner form FTIFATA. This person does not need Banner finance access.

Important note about uShop roles: To assure there are separation of duties, an individual CANNOT be a requestor and an approver. Also, role access cannot be split by funding sources.

What type of training are available? - Hands On sessions are held in a computer lab and are instructor led. Registration is required for the hands on sessions. All classes shown on the training calendar are hands on unless otherwise indicated.

Approvers and shoppers are not required to attend a training session in order to have access to uShop. However, training is strongly recommended for both of these roles.

How do I register for a session? - Register for uShop classes in Remedy. See Register for Training for further assistance.

Who do I contact for training assistance? For questions regarding uShop training, please contact Tracy Furjanic at or extension 23067.