Greg Rouse to Discuss “Quest for the Ruby Seadragon”

Tuesday, September 12

Additional Information

There are dragons in the sea. Not the colossal winged fire breathers depicted in “Game of Thrones,” but seadragons, relatives of sea horses. Previously, it was thought only two species of these elusive creatures existed, but a new seadragon was observed and recorded in the wild. Greg Rouse, a professor of marine biology in the Marine Biology Research Division at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, was a lead researcher on the expedition to find this new species, Phyllopteryx dewysea.

Rouse and his team coined the new species “Ruby Seadragon” because of its vibrant red color. As part of the UNCW Center for Marine Science’s Planet Ocean Seminar Series, he will discuss how the species remained unrecognized for almost a century and plans for its protection. The free seminar will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 12 in the Hodder Hall of Mentors, the CMS main auditorium at 5600 Marvin K. Moss Lane. Refreshments will immediately follow.