Thomas Barthel: "Entanglement and Computational Complexity for 1D Quantum Many-Body Systems"

Friday, April 21

Additional Information

The Hilbert space dimension of quantum-many body systems grows exponentially with the system size, which makes the systems difficult to handle for theorists and computationally powerful. Fortunately, nature does usually not explore this monstrous number of degrees of freedom and we have a chance to describe quantum systems of interest with much smaller sets of effective degrees of freedom. A very precise and efficient description for systems with one spatial dimension is based on so-called matrix product states. With such a reduced parametrization, the computation cost, needed to achieve a certain accuracy, is determined by entanglement properties (quantum nonlocality) in the system.

Thomas Barthel, Duke University, will give an introduction to the notion of entanglement entropies and their scaling behavior in quantum many-body systems at 2 p.m. on Friday, April 21 in DeLoach Hall, room 212.

Free and open to all.