ETEAL for faculty and staff

ETEAL for Faculty and Staff

Each semester, ETEAL provides a number of resources, workshops, events, and funding opportunities for UNCW Faculty, Staff, and Instructors looking to improve their pedagogy or implement Applied Learning projects. Beyond that, ETEAL also offers ongoing support for its funded intiatives, hosts and organizes Applied Learning contests and conference teams, and celebrates the achievements of Faculty working on Applied Learning projects and courses. If you're interested in improving your classroom experience, enhancing your students' learning, implementing or expanding an Applied Learning project, or you want to connect to other faculty members and form partnerships across campus, ETEAL can help!

Workshops and Events

Every year ETEAL and the ALTC host workshops for students, faculty, and staff toPACE CCE Workshop promote Applied Learning and enhance the quality of education for everyone at UNCW. ETEAL Workshops cover a wide range of topics from how to Flip your Classroom to exploring Applied Learning in distance education to workshopping your applied learning project ideas. Check out our Applied Learning Events Calendar for more information on the workshops we'll be hosting in the coming semester.

Also, be sure to check out our Applied Learning Summer Institute, a multi-day UNCW conference where nationally-acclaimed experts come to share their applied learning experiences and where faculty, staff, and administrators can connect with one another across departments and siciplines.

Funding opportunities

Throughout the academic year, ETEAL offers a number of awards and funding opportunities for Instructors and Students alike. If you're looking to start an Applied Learning project of any sort, ETEAL may be able to support your efforts. Here's how:

ETEAL Supported Pedagogy Initiatives

ETEAL is dedicated to supporting innovative pedagogy, interdepartmental collaboration, and the development of applied learning practices and projects. To that end, ETEAL awards funding every semester to instructors with clearly defined plans to implement their Applied Learning projects and bring their students a rewarding, enriching applied experience. ETEAL funding awards are granted once every semester and typically last for one semester or one academic year and many instructors have used their ETEAL funding to develop an applied learning course that then becomes a permanent, recurring part of their department's catalog.

CSURF Presentations


The Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards are available to undergraduate students with faculty mentors who are looking to engage in scholarly research and creative activities over the course of the summer. Students and their faculty mentors will be funded through the summer and will be expected to disseminate their results during the fall semester.

ALTC Faculty Fellowships and Assistant Fellowships

All faculty, staff, and students engaged in Applied Learning at UNCW can be members of the Applied Learning Teaching Community (ALTC), and at the core of the ALTC are the ALTC Faculty fellows and assistant fellows. ALTC Fellows are appointed for a term of one academic year and become an integral part of the ALTC's planning, workshop organization, resource development, and much more. As such, being an ALTC Faculty Fellow is both demanding and rewarding experience.

The ALTC also supports a small number of Assistant fellows who are not as closely involved in the ALTC's day to day planning and operation. ALTC Assistant Fellows typically work on specific Applied Learning projects, such as developing a seminar series on applied learning. Assistant Fellows are appointed for a term of one semester.

There are no openings for ALTC Fellows or Faculty Fellows at this time. When the current fellows and assistant fellows prepare to cycle off, we will release a Call for Fellows.

Applied Learning Resources

In addition to the workshops, events, and funding opportunities ETEAL provides, we've also gathered a collection of resources that can help you in your classroom and in your research. Whether you're just developing your first applied learning idea or you're a seasoned pro, we've got something for you.

The Applied Learning Library
Applied Learning for your Class
Past Workshop and Seminar Resources
ETEAL Funding Proposal Froms & Guides
ETEAL Assessment Resources