ETEAL Exploration Day 2016

ETEAL Exploration Day is here!

Join us Wednesday, March 2nd from 11am to 3pm as UNCW departments, schools and programs highlight their applied learning efforts and opportunities for students! Applied Learning is happening all across our campus and Exploration Day is your chance to see some of the exciting opportunities available here UNCW.

Where can I Explore?

On Exploration Day, the participating departments and programs will have tables at multiple locations around campus. Each area will showcase the exciting research and engagement work they have done, as well as the unique applied learning opportunities available to students in the upcoming semesters! To get started, pick up a map at the Amphitheater and get full listing of everything that will be going on around campus.

What is Exploration Day about?

Exploration Day is all about celebrating and showcasing the numerous applied learning opportunities offered at UNCW. Several ETEAL projects have been developed over the years, even in your own department. ETEAL Exploration tables will be in Morton, Leutze, Cameron, Dobo, Osprey, Teaching Lab, McNeil, and Amphitheater. Stop the ETEAL tables to pick up information about upcoming applied learning opportunities, free food and activities and be sure to pick up your ETEAL passport and collect stamps to be eligible for prizes!

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ETEAL Exploration Day 2015

If you'd like to learn more about Exploration Day, check out some of the photos taken from last year's ETEAL Exploration Day and visit the ETEAL Instagram Page for more photos and information!

ETEAL Exploration Day Displays

ETEAL Exploration Day at CHHS

ETEAL Exploration Day 2015