Fall 2014 ETEAL Summary

Fall 2014 ETEAL Summary

ETEAL Supported Applied Learning Experiences

During the fall semester, ETEAL supported 17 different Applied Learning courses and projects from over 15 different departments and divisions here at UNCW. Students engaged in experiences such as identifying unknown microbes collected from the field in microbiology labs, consulting with a US Business and exploring its overseas market potential, hosting a day-long expo showcasing the PED 101 curriculum, and so much more. Over 500 students took part in ETEAL Applied Learning experiences in the fall semester alone and for some of them, their ETEAL experience is continuing on into the spring!

ETEAL and ALTC Workshops

Working with our many campus partners, ETEAL and the ALTC were able to host a number of truly excellent workshops in the fall semester. We would like to give special thanks to CTE and CFL, who provided the space, resources, and assistance we needed to host many of our workshops. In addition, we would like to thank Honors and CSURF for their partnership and support.

  • The Applied Learning Summer Institute
  • New Faculty Fall Semester Kickoff
  • Fall 2014 ETEAL Funded Initiatives Kickoff
  • Applied Learning 101
  • The Teaching and Graduate Assistant Institute - a two-part seminar series
  • The Flipped Classroom for Professional Schools
  • ETEAL RFP workshop
  • The ETEAL Funded Initiatives Reception and Showcase
  • Applied Learning in Online and Distance Education
  • New Faculty End of Semester Celebration

Summer 2014 SURCA Awards and Showcase

Over the summer, ETEAL and CSURF supported several undergraduates through the Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards. From October 27th through the 31st, these students presented their research and findings!

New ETEAL Applied Learning Project Awards

Each semester, ETEAL awards over a dozen grants to instructors planning to implement Applied Learning projects and experiences for their students. In September, we received 34 proposals for ETEAL projects, more proposals than we've ever received in a single semester by far! Although we weren't able to fund them all, there were a great deal of excellent projects and in the Spring 2015 Semester, we'll have 25 ETEAL projects up and running, including those that are carrying over as full-year projects from the Fall.

ETEAL Proposals submitted Fall 2013 to Fall 2014