ETEAL Commenting and Disqus Guide

Commenting on ETEAL pages

Commenting on the ETEAL main page or on an ETEAL news article is easy! At the bottom of any ETEAL article page, you'll see a discussion thread where you can add your comments and thoughts. Just start typing in the comment bar and either sign in through Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or comment as a guest, and you can post your comment right away!

Disqus Guide 1

More on Disqus Commenting

Using the Disqus Comments embedded at the end of each article page, you can discuss the article with others by leaving your own comments or replying to someone else. All comments on ETEAL pages are moderated so there may be a delay before your comment appears. You can also share the comments and discussions you find by clicking any of the share buttons in the comment thread.

Navigating Discus Comment Threads

Using Disqus is a great way to talk with students, faculty, and staff across campus about their experiences with Applied Learning! If you run into any trouble using the comments, check the Disqus help site or contact