ePortfolio Program

For Faculty and Staff

ePortfolios allow students to reflect, connect, and integrate learning across courses, disciplines, and semesters. They can document activities (in and out of the classroom), upload work they are proud of, and reflect on who they are becoming as a scholar and a person. They can copy ePortfolios, tailoring them to specific audiences. They can create collaborative ePortfolios for group work, which can then be shared to the rest of the class or even the public. They can be creative, considering their ePortfolio a space for reflecting on what they are learning and skills they are building, for connecting ideas and interests from their academic and co-curricular activities, and for integrating them in their ePortfolio.

To learn more about how you might integrate ePortfolios into your class or program, please feel free to email Dr. Beverley McGuire ( mcguireb@uncw.edu). She can also provide you a free copy of Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning: A Faculty Guide to Classroom Practices for Transforming Student Learning by Candyce Reynolds and Judith Patton, which discusses best practices for incorporating ePortfolios into courses to encourage integrative learning.


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