ePortfolio Program

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What is ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of materials that shows your learning journey over time. ePortfolios can relate to specific academic fields or lifelong learning.

ePortfolios allow students to reflect, connect, and integrate learning across courses, disciplines, and experiences. They can document activities in and out of the classroom, upload work they are proud of, and reflect on who they are becoming as a scholar and a person. They can copy ePortfolios, tailoring them to specific audiences. They can create collaborative ePortfolios for group work, which can then be shared to the rest of the class or even the public. They can be creative, considering their ePortfolio a space for reflecting on what they are learning and skills they are building, for connecting ideas and interests from their academic and co-curricular activities, and for integrating them in their ePortfolio.

Any student, faculty or staff at UNCW can create their own e-Portfolios free of charge using a variety of platforms including Digication, Adobe, or publicly available sites such as Wix and Wordpress. You can access Digication via Blackboard, or via this website: http://www.uncw.digication.com Click "log in", enter your UNCW user name and password, and you'll see your dashboard, where you can click on + to create your own ePortfolio!

The Career Center, University Studies, and other units across campus are partnering in this ePortfolio initiative. Please contact Beverley McGuire (mcguireb@uncw.edu) for more information about the ePortfolio program at UNCW!