UNC System Employee Engagement Survey

UNC Engagement Survey: Thank you for your participation!

Dear Colleagues,
As usual, when you were asked to step up and get involved in a statewide initiative, you answered the call: 58 percent of UNCW faculty and staff participated in the 2018 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey! Our response rate is strong for a survey of this nature. Way to go, Seahawks!
I want to thank everyone who completed the survey. I appreciate your willingness to provide honest feedback and thoughtful suggestions. Your participation will help the UNC System measure employee engagement, identify areas of strength as an institution and focus on areas that will demand more attention in the future.
To reinforce your comfort level with the confidentiality of the survey: Please rest assured that direct supervisors and university leadership will not have access to individual response data. Only ModernThink, the administrator of the survey, will have direct access to each individual response, and the company will store the data on servers it owns. In addition, specific summaries won’t be produced if the company lacks sufficient matching respondents (at least five who fully fit the demographic profile) to generate the reporting.
The survey promises to yield useful information about overall employee engagement, both on our campus and across the UNC System.  ModernThink will compile the data over the next several months, so there will likely be a short delay before you hear more about the program. By May, ModernThink will provide initial survey results and reports for review by the senior administration of the UNC System, the UNC Board of Governors, and the senior administration here at UNCW.
Over the summer, we will analyze the data provided so that we can recognize our successes and begin to address concerns that most directly impact and influence our workplace culture. We look forward to sharing details with you in the fall.
Marilyn Sheerer