UNC System Employee Engagement Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

As we receive more questions, we will be expanding this FAQ page. In the meantime, here are a few questions we anticipate you might be asking yourself.

  • Is this data even relevant with everything that has happened in 2020?
    Once you review the top 10/bottom 10 engagement survey statements, we believe you will see it is more imperative than ever to make sure we are modeling best practices in both a teleworking and on-site environment. We always have ways to improve and if you are a supervisor and would like ideas as to how to creatively engage your team in a “pulse survey” or team discussion surrounding these top 10/bottom 10 statements, Molly Nece is available for 1 on 1 consults on Mondays and Fridays. You are welcome to place a meeting on her Outlook calendar to discuss more.
  • How do we gain access to the data?
    Explore the “tools and resources” found in the left side navigation of this website. You can also request Molly Nece to attend an upcoming staff meeting to share a 15-minute overview or supervisors can also place a 60-minute consult appointment on her calendar (Mondays or Fridays).
  • Will there be opportunities for me to see the survey data specifically for the population I am a part of at UNCW (ie. faculty, staff/SHRA, EHRA non-faculty)?
    Yes. We are in the process of laying out the top 10/bottom 10 for each population. That data will be available March 1 at the latest.
  • How will this survey data be distributed?
    We encourage employees to WATCH the 40-minute video from the founder of Modern Think, the 3rd party engagement survey vendor. It will give you great insight into not only the UNCW data but also what we can be doing given the changes in our current environment. Under “Tools and Resources” you will also find some helpful data.
  • Will there be opportunities to discuss the data?

    Yes. Beginning February 16th Molly Nece is offering 7 campus-wide programs through D2LA Gone Virtual for staff and supervisors. Employees will be asked to watch the 40-minute video prior to attending. The outcome is to walk away with some specific action items that could increase employee engagement based on the bottom 10 statements identified in the data set. Click on the UNC System Engagement Survey found in the left side navigation bar.

    Beginning March 1, Molly Nece is available upon request to come to your next staff meeting to deliver a 15-minute data overview. She is also available for customized Employee Engagement Action Planning Workshops for departments and 1 on 1 consults with campus leaders on Mondays and Fridays.

  • What has the campus been doing in response to the data so far?
    HR recently shared the overview of the data with cabinet and a few senior leaders. So far HR is piloting a 5-week intensive Supervisor Leadership Academy in March/April. The Academy is custom designed with subject matter experts who will facilitate relevant learning based on the 10 engagement survey statements where UNCW scored the lowest. CLICK here to watch a short video about the Supervisor Academy Pilot. We encourage you to also attend the 2020 Engagement Survey Fireside Chats beginning in February.