Seahawk Safety

hurricane aerial view with text "Hurricane Dorian"

This website features general information about the campus response to Hurricane Dorian. For the latest updates, please check the UNCW homepage or UNCW Facebook feed. 

Emergency Information

There are multiple communication tools that the university may use before, during and after the potential impacts from Hurricane Dorian. Students and employees: Pay attention to your campus email, the university homepage, local media reports, and the university’s official social media feeds (particularly Facebook – see below). Communications channels include:

The UNCW homepageThis is the official source, along with your campus email and the university’s social media feeds, of emergency information and statements/responses from the university. Please be sure you are relying on only official university messaging during emergency situations; don’t assume something is accurate because you read it on social media.

Emails to campus inboxes: Students and employees should continue to monitor their UNCW email before, during and after this weather event, to the best of their ability. In order to avoid “overmessaging” the 20K+ students and employees who receive UNCW email, only critical announcements will be shared via email. For example, the university has sent all UNCW employees and students an email to report that classes have been canceled and an evacuation has been ordered. However, if an announcement is something like an update on the operating hours for various campus service locations, or an announcement that affects only a small portion of the UNCW audience, it will be shared via social media. In a nutshell, in order to stay abreast of all possible messaging, students and employees should continue to monitor UNCW email AND the social media feeds (a social media account isn’t necessary to follow public feeds). If there is an emergency or other urgent information, students and opted-in employees will receive a text message and call from UNCWAlert.

Phone calls and/or text messages sent via UNCWAlert. Information about the university’s emergency alerts distribution list can be found here; students are automatically included on this distribution list, but faculty and staff must opt in.

UNCW Facebook: Please note this feed is often the fastest way for students, employees and parents to receive updates, along with campus emails to students and employees. This is because it’s sometimes the fastest communication channel for university officials to update, especially in the event of widespread web outages.

UNCWAlert is a special website devoted to emergency updates during long-term emergencies. Users who visit during an emergency will likely be directed to the UNCWAlert site for all the latest information.

The UNCWAlert hotline: 910.962.3991 or toll-free at 888.657.5751. The hotline is activated in certain situations, reflects information already available via the online resources listed here, and is meant to serve those who don’t have easy web access.

Sirens: Five outdoor warning sirens (mechanical tone only) will sound in the event of an immediate threat, like a tornado or another event that requires you to take shelter/shelter in place.

Campus Evacuation Information

On Monday, Sept. 2, the university called for a mandatory campus evacuation as of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3. This means all students must evacuate campus before that time. If students do not have a location to which to evacuate, and they have already checked with friends about joining them at their evacuation locations, they should contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (910) 962.3119. Housing and Residence Life staff will conduct floor meetings on Sept. 2 (students have been contacted directly with meeting times for their floors) and will assist students with the evacuation process. All HRL updates can be found here. Resident students MUST check out with RAs before leaving the campus and must provide them with the location where they will reside off campus, as well as their contact information. 

All classes are canceled, including online classes. Grading and attendance policies are suspended until classes resume.

Employees should report to campus as scheduled on Tuesday, Sept. 3; it is a normal work day. As of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3, campus will be closed and will be under Adverse Weather Condition 3. Employees should not report to work until campus reopens, unless instructed to do so by their supervisors.
Students and employees will be notified about campus reopening and classes resuming with as much notice as possible. Impacts from the storm may not be able to be evaluated for several days.  

For Families of UNCW Students

Continue to check the UNCW homepage and Facebook feed for the latest information. Initiate and maintain consistent communication with your student, including discussion about his or her planned evacuation location. Advise your students, if traveling by car, to be sure they have a full tank of gas, a paper map in the event of mobile service outages, and cash in the event of ATM outages.