Emergency and Safety Information

Sexual Harassment

Harassment at UNCW is taken seriously. Faculty and staff are required to report sexual harassment when it is alleged. Harassment by an employee must be reported to UNCW Human Resources and harassment by a student should be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students.

Unwanted Sexual Attention


  • Unwanted and repeated sexual remarks
  • Offensive jokes about sexual or gender traits
  • Sexual propositions
  • Insults, threats, or bribes
  • Sexual innuendoes or comments about a person's body, clothing or activities
  • Offensive written notes or phone calls


  • Leering
  • Whistling
  • Suggestive or insulting gestures


  • Unwanted touching of a sexual nature (brushing, patting, pinching, fondling)
  • Coerced sexual activity

Harassment Types

  • Gender Harassment: Statements or behaviors that insult or degrade another person on the basis of his/her gender or sexual orientation; repetitive, unwelcome physical or verbal sexual advances
  • Sexual Bribery: Solicitation of sexual activity by promise of reward
  • Sexual Coercion: Coercion of sexual activity by threat of punishment
  • Sexual Imposition: Forced, unwanted sexual activity

How to Respond

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

  • Anonymous notification of sexual assault to UNCW Police is required for employees of UNCW Police, the Dean of Students, Campus Recreation, the University Union and Athletics.
  • Report sexual harassment by a student to the Dean of Students
  • Report sexual harassment by an employee to Human Resources

For more information regarding required notification or reporting, contact UNCW Police, Dean of Students or Human Resources.

Get Support

The UNCW Collaboration for Assault Response Education (CARE) office is a resource for victims of harassment, interpersonal violence and sexual assault. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to refer victims to CARE.

CARE Referral

  • Information, support and crisis response
  • Expert advice about how to encourage a victim who is reluctant to discuss their situation
  • Support for faculty and staff as student mentors
  • Help to clarify appropriate responses to those who need assistance

Get Help

University Resources

CARE - 910.962.CARE or 910.512.4821
Counseling Center - 910.962.3746
Housing and Residence Life - 910.962.3241
Human Resources - 910.962.3160
Office of the Dean of Students - 910.962.3119
Student Health Services - 910.962.3280
UNCW Police - 910.962.2222 or 911

Community Resources

Cape Fear Hospital - 910.452.8100
Domestic Violence Services - 910.343.0703
New Hanover Medical Center - 910.343.7000
Rape Crisis Center - 910.392.7460 or 910.392.7408
Sheriff's Department - 910.341.4200
Wilmington Police Department - 910.343.3600 or 911