Emergency and Safety Information

Campus Schedule Changes

A wide-spread emergency, such as a severe hurricane or large-scale public health emergency, may require an evacuation of the entire campus. In other emergencies, UNCW may choose to cancel classes while maintaining daily operations on campus or may require only a building evacuation. Understand the different types of campus evacuations, class cancellation and university closing statuses.


Building Evacuation

  • Calmly evacuate the building when instructed by fire alarm or other alert notification method.
  • Retreat to a safe place outside of the building.
  • Identify a location where you and your co-workers/classmates will check-in with each other.
  • Remain in your safe location until everyone is accounted for and notify emergency responders if you think someone may be trapped.
  • Do not re-enter the building until emergency personnel determine it is safe.

Voluntary Evacuation

  • Students are encouraged, but not required, to leave campus for a safer location.
  • Classes are officially cancelled and the grading and attendance policies are revoked.
  • Voluntary evacuations do not apply to employees.

Mandatory Evacuation

  • Students are required to evacuate residence halls and leave campus for a safer location. All residence halls will be locked.
  • The campus will close soon after a mandatory evacuation is issued.
  • Students are encouraged to go either to their own home or to a friend's home for the duration of the evacuation.
  • Mandatory evacuations apply to employees.

Casses Cancelled vs. University Closed

Classes Cancelled

  • Set period of time when classes will not take place at UNCW.
  • Grading and attendance policies are lifted.

University Closed

  • All business operations will cease.
  • No UNCW faculty, staff, or students will be allowed on campus unless designated as emergency personnel.
  • Entrances will be blocked and all campus services will stop until the university is reopened.
  • If necessary, UNCW may keep open portions of the university for business operations.

University Reopening

  • Students, faculty, staff and community traffic will be allowed back on campus.
  • Some or all business operations and processes will resume.
  • Classes may or may not resume.
  • Residence halls may or may not remain closed.
  • If necessary, UNCW may only reopen portions of the university for business operations.

Addtional information on these topics is available at https://www.uncw.edu/ehs/inanemergency.html#evacuation.