ELMS Project

Map with pins showing location of ELMS participants throughout the state

LMS Participants

Content Area Teachers with a Heart for ELLs

The ELMS Project has grown to over 1000 participants since 2011! The project serves in-service teachers from across the state of North Carolina and pre-service teachers accepted to the Watson College of Education. Our participants are a diverse group of teachers from nearly every content area and grade level, and with a broad range of experience.

Many of our experienced participants are supporting English Language Learners in their mainstream classrooms and want the foundational knowledge and tools to provide differentiated instruction with confidence. Beginning teachers are joining the ELMS Project to prepare for opportunities to work with diverse classrooms across the state. Regardless of where our participants come from or their levels of experience, they all have one thing in common… the desire to increase the academic outcomes of the English Language Learners in their mainstream classrooms.

Who are ELMS Participants?

Pie chart showing active participants by program
In-service teachers by years experience pie chart