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ELMS Participants Making a Difference

Richele Dunavent, who completed the ESL Add-On Licensure program in summer 2014, attended Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisiton Design) training at the Western Region Education Service Alliance (WRESA) in Enka, NC this summer. The training introduces educators to the standards-based, curricular model as an integrated, balanced language approach to language acquisition and provides strategies for diffentiation. Richele is currently pursuing her M.Ed in ESL at UNCW. Richele is also writing as a guest blogger for the ELMS Blog, eslgoesmainstream.blogspot.com this semester. Be sure to check it out!

Pippa Nelson, who completed the ESL Add-On Licensure program in summer 2013, will be presenting, Strategies for Teaching Math to ELLs, at the North Carolina Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCCTM) conference this fall. Congratulations, Pippa!

Congratulations, Melissa Gillespie, ESL Add-On Licensure program participant. Awarded both 2013-2014 High School Teacher of the Year and New Hanover County Schools Teacher of the Year.


Congratulations to ESL Program Director Dr. Eleni Pappamihiel and ESL Professor, Dr. C. Allen Lynn for their recent publication, How can Monolingual Teachers Take Advantage of Learners' Native Language in Class? (2014, Pappamihiel & Lynn) in the journal Childhood Education.


With the increasing linguistic diversity of students in many classrooms around the world, teachers need to be well-equipped with strategies to address the learning needs of students with limited proficiency in the dominant language of the classroom. This article outlines various strategies that might help teachers reach that goal by taking advantage of students' proficiency in their first language, using examples from the United States. Conversations about the significance of students' first language can contribute to enhancing students' confidence and learning abilities. What can be learned about the value of first language in education has relevance for multi-lingual learning environments across the world.