ELMS Project

Graduate School Application Instructions

Use the following instructions to apply for the ESL Add-On Licensure program or the ESL Topics for Non-ESL Teachers (EDN 507). If you are an active student accepted to the Graduate School, you do not have to re-apply to the Graduate School for these programs.

1. Start an application

Create a NEW graduate application: https://app.applyyourself.com/?id=UNCW-GRAD You will apply to the UNCW Graduate School for
ESL - Add-on-licensure - Education - Distance Education.

Transcripts and an Education Statement of Interest Essay are required. You are not required to submit test scores or provide recommendations.

See also: Requirements and Deadlines

2. Choose program of interest

In the Program of Interest section choose the following:

  • TERM: (Select the applicable semester)
  • MAJOR: ESL - Add-on-licensure - Education - Distance Education

All courses in the ESL Add-On Licensure program are online; therefore, you will apply to the Distance Education program.

3. Upload Education Statement of Interest Essay

The Watson College of Education requires an Education Statement of Interest Essay for every applicant.

  • In a Word document, compose a one paragraph statement that describes the reason you are applying to the program. See Graduate Admissions Writing Requirement for details.
  • Upload the Word document into the application system under the Essay section.picture of how to upload Essay to application
4. Order official transcripts
Order official transcripts from each college, university, community college, junior college and dual high school college/community college for credit earned. You can order paper or electronic transcripts.

Send electronic transcripts to:
(Password protected transcripts sent directly from the institution.)

Send paper transcripts to:

Mailing Address for Transcripts

5. Complete and submit your application before the applicable deadline

Before you submit your application, make sure you have

  • Listed all previous names used, including maiden, on the application.
  • Uploaded the Education Statement of Interest Essay
  • Completed the application in full.
6. Monitor your Application

It can take several weeks for your transcripts to be received and your application to be processed. Please monitor the status of your graduate application to ensure that all transcripts and documents have been received.

Check Application Status

7. Pay Application Fee

A $60 non-refundable, non-transferrable application fee is required to submit your application. The ELMS Project will reimburse the application fee for participants who have been accepted into the program and have registered for first semester courses. The application fee will be included in your reimbursement for tuition and fees, which is processed after the drop/add deadline of the semester.