Earth and Ocean Sciences

Oceanography, Marine Geology and Geophysics

3-D seamountMuch of the research conducted by this group involves the use of deep-sea research vessels equipped to collect oceanographic and seafloor geodetic, geological, and geophysical data ( e.g. CTDs, multibeam bathymetry, sidescan sonargraphs, gravity, magnetics, cores, single and multi-channel seismics). Examples of recent projects include investigations of the morphology, structure and tectonics of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, the East Pacific Rise, Southwest Indian Ridge and the Puerto Rico Trench; the tectonic, volcanic, sedimentary history, and paleoceanography of the Caribbean basin and Western Pacific, and cross-shelf sediment transport in the South Atlantic Bight.

Faculty Researching This Area Include:

Andrea Hawkes, Ph.D. Richard Laws, Ph.D. Lynn Leonard, Ph.D. Scott Nooner, Ph.D.
Hawkes Laws Leonard Nooner