Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Learning Opportunities

What's Up with That? Open Dialogue Sessions

WUWT is a program that allows students to ask an ANONYMOUS broad array of questions about diverse people and issues surrounding them. The desired outcome is open dialogue with students from divergent/diverse backgrounds, who might not ordinarily engage with each other.

Contact Diversity and Inclusion Specialist for information on these and other workshops. Request a specific diversity training and consultation; please complete the Training Request Form.

Introductory (Level I)

  • Be an Ally to All
  • Diversity in the Classroom Workshops
  • 4 Generations at Work
  • "Who Knew?" Workshop

Intermediate (Level II)

  • Cross Cultural Competency Training
  • Culturally Crossing Over
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Valuing Differences through Diversity

Advanced (Level III)

  • Cultural Competency and Respect Workshop
  • Just Like Me Workshop
  • Race and Privilege


Introductory (Level I)

Be an Ally to All

This workshop introduces participants to the concept of being an ally. Participants explore how it's possible, and why it's necessary, to work toward access, inclusion, and support for marginalized and underrepresented students, faculty, staff, and community members, and for greater equity in all parts of our institution-even from our positions of privilege.

Diversity in the Classroom Workshops

Our classroom series is a "toolkit" with adding diversity to the academic experience in mind. Designing effective diversity lecturettes and workshops is a great course of action, to meet this need. Our classroom workshops are tailored to meet the needs of each academic environment. Our OIDI Specialist will offer a consultation with faculty members to determine specific needs and goals of each setting. Contact us for more information, if you'd like to add a diversity component to your classes.

4 Generations at Work

The purpose of this training is to introduce you to the four generations in the workplace and how to engage them to reach their highest performance. This workshop will introduce you to the impact of having four generations working together and explore room for growth and areas of concern regarding that diversity. Learn about The Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennial's and how they share, interact and communicate with each other.

"Who Knew?" Workshop

Put a stop to the insensitive little "paper cuts" that we unknowingly inflict upon each other. Raise awareness and emphasize the importance of maintaining a thoughtful and respectful working and learning. This workshop uses video's and open dialogue to carry the message that if we'd stop and think before we speak, often times our campus culture could change person by person, one conscious interaction at a time.

Intermediate (Level II)

Cross Cultural Competency Training

This training is designed to assist professionals to expand their skills in working with diverse audiences/populations. The overarching goals for the training are: to assist participants to become more aware of their own personal and organizational cultures, examine how our personal and organizational cultures affect our ability to work across difference, in both negative and positive ways, and build skills to increase competencies as we work with others who are different from us.

Culturally Crossing Over

This workshop allows participants to analyze situations where they can connect better with individuals who may be different from them.

Diversity Awareness

This workshop explores the many dimensions of diversity and works to build a common awareness as it relates to a multicultural community. Several scenarios, role playing, and exercises are used to challenge and highlight diversity competencies.

Valuing Differences through Diversity

In this workshop, a broad definition of diversity is explored including such characteristics as ethnicity, age, generational dynamics, religion, disability, sexual orientation, values, personality characteristics, education, marital status, and beliefs. By exploring differences, we can begin to understand how people perceive the world differently. It is through the reconciliation of differences that we begin to raise our awareness to function effectively in a diverse work group.

Advanced (Level III)

Cultural Competency and Respect Workshop

This workshop focuses participants on increasing individual self-awareness, and understanding of the impact that their own judgments and perceptions has in situations and relationships with both colleagues and students alike. Participants learn that each of us has our own personal, internal "culture" to consider, and that making small adjustments can make all the difference.

Just Like Me Workshop

In this completely interactive workshop, participants are asked to work in small groups in order to promote cross cultural openness and awareness. Through "personal storytelling" and open dialogue, discoveries are made that create ties that bind, instead of chasms that divide.

Problems that Students of Color Face on Predominately White Campuses

(Material and activities are based on research and work by Dr. Charles Taylor)This workshop discusses 10 problems that faculty, staff and administrators must be made aware of to create a sustaining, welcoming, and inclusive environment for students of color on predominantly white campuses.

Race and Privilege

Talking about race, culture, and identity can be challenging for many people. It can be tempting to keep our discussions at a surface level, so as to avoid hurt, anger, shame and guilt. But open and honest discussions on these topics, as well as basic history and context that are often neglected in the discussions, are necessary for us to address the racial inequities that continue to challenge our personal relationships, institutions, and society.