Staff Service Awards

Staff Service Awards

The success of State government in providing services to meet the needs of North Carolina and its citizens is dependent on the efforts of State employees like you! To express its appreciation to valued employees, the State sponsors the annual Staff Service Awards to recognize SHRA and EHRA (non-faculty/non-SAAO) employees' total state service in increments of five years through retirement.

Excellence in Service, North Carolina’s employee service awards program, celebrates length-of-service milestones of employee service to state government. The program is a partnership between the Office of State Human Resources; Correction Enterprises in the Department of Public Safety; and the Museum of History in the Department of Cultural Resources.

The Service Awards program: 

  • Offers products made primarily in North Carolina or, at a minimum, made in the USA;
  • Celebrates North Carolina’s heritage, culture, symbols and craftsmen;
  • Offers unique products that, for the most part, cannot be purchased; and
  • Creates efficiencies by operating the program within state government.

The Excellence in Service recognizes employees when they achieve career status and again at five years, ten years, and thereafter in five-year increments. The service awards, themselves, are unique items crafted especially for the Employee Service Awards program. Most of the items are made by inmates in the Department of Public Safety through Correction Enterprises, while others are handmade by North Carolina artisans.

When will I be recognized?

When you are eligible for a Staff Service Award, you will receive instructions to select the award of your choice, as well as an invitation to the annual Staff Service Awards Luncheon. Service Award recipients are determined within the fiscal calendar (July 1 to June 30 of each year). For example, if you were hired in September of 2017, you will be invited to the 2023 Staff Service Awards Luncheon.


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