Oral Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for the Oral portion of the Application

The oral portion of the application process will consist of a 5-minute oral presentation followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. These oral sessions will last no more than 15 minutes and will be scheduled at intervals of at least 20 minutes in order to accommodate students' use of technologies.

  • Due to time constraints, candidates should not read their written proposal and instead should prepare an adequate summary.
  • Candidates may wish to supplement their presentations with visual aids. These aids may include videotape, DVDs, PowerPoint, or may include maps, specimens, photographs, etc.
  • Presentation equipment will be provided by the Committee if indicated on the cover sheet of the proposal. However, candidates are cautioned to prepare for unexpected technology malfunctions by bringing hardcopy handouts of PowerPoint presentations and/or other materials that may be used in the event of technology problems.All equipment preparations as well as the presentationitself must fit within the allotted five minutes.
    • Due to scheduling constraints, the Committee will be unable to offer additional time or reschedule presentations in the event of technology problems.
  • Presentations will be timed. All presentations will be stopped at five minutes regardless of whether candidates are finished.
  • Candidates' faculty mentors may be present during the presentations but may not speak or assist in any way.