CEN Mentoring Cameron Executive Network Mentor Program; Photo: UNCW/Moncrief

Executives give their time for our students and the CSB

The Cameron School of Business is fortunate to have many professionals from the southern North Carolina region involved in the future of our students. These executives are stepping up to improve the quality of the educational experience for our students and the community.

The purpose of the Executive Advisory Board is to support the growth and development of the Cameron School of Business's educational programs for the benefit of its graduates and the business community of Southeast North Carolina.

The specific activities of the Board and its members include:

  • Locating sources of financial support for the School and its faculty development
  • Acting as advocates for the School to the business community
  • Suggesting improvements in the School's programs to better meet the needs of the business community
  • Identifying businesses who would benefits from the School's management development programs
  • Provide insights into new business practices and developments for the School, faculty and students
  • Assist in developing graduate job placement, student internships, and class projects

CEN is an exciting program in which active and retired senior level executives work directly with our students. Members participate in a variety of roles from sharing experiences in the classroom to mentoring of our business school students.

The MSA / Accounting Advisory Board provides valuable input and perspective on program goals and directions, curriculum issues, student placement and financial support. The Board members represent major international CPA firms, regional firms, local firms and corporations.

The Entrepreneurship Advisory Board provides valuable advice for the entrepreneurship option for the Cameron School of Business. It is comprised of entrepreneurs, investors, executives and people who provide services to entrepreneurs and emerging ventures.

The IS / and Master of Science Computer Science Information Systems Advisory Board works to improve the quality of the undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, the board provides for the exchange of emerging issues of concern to information systems and MS CSIS professionals in the UNCW service area and increases faculty awareness of current trends in industry.

The Operations Management Advisory Board provides guidance to the operations management (OM) faculty and students to ensure that students who are pursuing the OM option are properly prepared to supply a workforce to the regional and national economy.

Resume Assistance Program

Every student in Cameron is required to create a resume in their introductory management course, Management 350. As part of establishing a professional portfolio, each resume is reviewed and critiqued by more than 50 professionals who previously hired and managed other employees.