Why major in Finance?

Students - JavaThe B.S. degree in business administration with an option in finance consists of three separate but related areas--business finance, investments, and financial institutions. The finance curriculum prepares students for graduate study and for careers in corporate financial management, the investments and securities business, and the management of banking and nonbank financial institutions. The generalized applicability of finance and the basic tools of financial analysis are emphasized in the courses.

Why a BS or BA in Economics?

Economics is not just a major at UNCW, it's a way of life. A well-trained student of economics not only gains insight into important public policy debates but also begins to understand that economics is at the root of all decision making. This helps explain why economics majors are found in a wide variety of careers after graduation. Individuals, employers, and graduate schools find the techniques used in economics very useful. Did you know that Donald Trump, John Elway, Bill Belichick, Mick Jagger, Young M.C., and Cate Blanchett majored in Economics in college? Recent studies have shown that undergraduate economics majors are compensated nicely for their skills and earn a relatively high mean LSAT score compared to students in other majors.

While the B.S. degree in business administration with a concentration in economics requires the completion of core classes in many business disciplines, the B.A. degree in economics is, in essence, a liberal arts program that focuses on economics. As such, students do not have to take other business courses to obtain a B.A. degree in economics. Because of the relatively small number of required hours in the B.A. major, students are provided the flexibility to pursue a second major, a minor, or classes that will prepare them for employment opportunities or graduate work. The B.A. is especially recommended for students who desire to pursue graduate work in economics, public policy, and law. Students who wish to pursue graduate studies (economics graduate school, law school, etc.) should consult a faculty advisor early in the major to identify elective courses outside the economics program that will aid them in gaining acceptance to graduate school.

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