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Executive Application

**Attention Applicants: Although we accept applications on an ongoing basis, new mentors will enter into the program in either the fall or the spring of each academic year. All applications recieved AFTER AUGUST 3, 2018, will be reviewed for spring acceptance. Thank you.**

Expectations for Executives Mentoring Student

Each executive member who mentors a student is expected to work diligently to guide that student:

  • to become a leader in his or her chosen career, live a fulfilling life and serve society and
  • to build a personal network as a resource to reach those goals.

As part of that work, each mentoring executive member is expected to:

  1. Attend the "mixer" for meeting and pairing with prospective students.
  2. Contact and meet with your assigned student(s) within two weeks after the assignment is made.
  3. Meet with your assigned student(s) at least 2-3 times a month during the school year.
  4. Coach your student(s) in her or his efforts to meet the expectations for student members.
  5. If your assigned student has interests in subjects outside your expertise, lead your student to get the expertise needed by networking with other executive members or experts outside the Network.
  6. Guide your student in developing an effective job search plan and resume.
  7. Attend meetings of CEN and, where students are to be invited, make sure your assigned students know of the meeting and, where possible, attend.

Our expectation is for executive members to mentor a minimum of 1 undergraduate student during each school year.

Note: Executives who are members of the Investors Roundtable may take their students to those meetings for a reduced guest fee.