Intern and Practicum Students

CROSSROADS is devoted to creating meaningful learning experiences for students. We design each intern or practicum student's experience at CROSSROADS to meet their learning objectives and build desired skills. CROSSROADS is involved in a variety of formal and informal research projects and is the recipient of a number of grants. So, there are often research projects that could use student help. There are opportunities both on campus and in the community.

If you are intersted in an internship or practicum with CROSSROADS, complete this application and send it to or bring it to the Student Rec Center 104. Priority for fall internships is given to students who can participate in Peer Educator or College Mentor training, typically held before classes begin in August.

Skills gained through this internship can include:

  • Oral & Written Communication Skills: public speaking, facilitating group discussion
  • Interpersonal Skills: empathy and active listening, respect for diverse points of view
  • Teamwork Skills: collaboration, conflict resolution
  • Initiative: creativity, advocacy
  • Analytical Skills: problem solving, organization, program planning
  • Leadership Skills: motivating others, peer helping and referral skills

Campus opportunities available through CROSSROADS

  • Promote substance abuse prevention on campus through educational programming.
  • Work with CROSSROADS Peer Educators to develop and execute ideas for campus events and educational programs on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Attend CROSSROADS events, actively educate other students, and develop a thorough working knowledge of alcohol and drug issues.
  • Facilitate presentations for freshman seminar (UNI) classes, health classes, fraternities and sororities, sport clubs, and other student organizations.
  • Design social marketing campaigns, develop new resources, and generate new ways to educate the campus about substance abuse issues.

Possible community opportunities available through CROSSROADS

  • Work with CROSSROADS College Mentors to deliver our drug abuse prevention program activities in middle and high schools and community organizations in New Hanover County.
  • Assist in training teams of middle and high school peer educators and teachers.
  • Provide on-going guidance and assistance and serve as mentors to in-school peer educators as they deliver CROSSROADS in their schools.
  • Assist with development and implementation of CROSSROADS program research/trials, including survey administration, data entry, visits to area schools, communication with teachers and administrators, etc.
  • Assist department staff in product development, marketing and promotion, and other activities related to CROSSROADS prevention resources.
  • Assist department staff with other community- and school-based projects, community research and community outreach.
  • Participate in other CROSSROADS community and school activities to promote drug abuse prevention among pre-college-age youth.