UNI 101 or CHAMPS Life Skills Lecture Topics

Contact Trisha Tinney, or Lauren Rivenbark,, or call 962-4136.

The mission of the CROSSROADS program is to encourage students to focus on their personal choices and be responsible decision makers regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

CROSSROADS is happy to provide professional or peer educator presentations in any UNI class. We can tailor it to any length of time or any topic that you would like us to highlight. CROSSROADS is also happy to provide supplementary material to any UNI instructor, including handouts, brochures, videos, etc. to enhance their coverage of this topic. For a full list of available program topics, please click here.

Our "standard" UNI lecture, titled "He Drinks, She Drinks", expands traditional alcohol & drug education to examine the issue through a lens that is especially salient for first-year students. Using the program, Spin the Bottle by Jackson Katz & Jean Kilbourne, students will engage in a discussion about substance use issues in college from the male and female perspective. Didactic information covered will include alcohol risk reduction, consequences including alcohol poisoning, violence & unplanned sexual activity, and other drug issues, including prescription drugs & drug mixing.

In a rigorous pre- and post-test design with control groups over the last four years, this presentation was shown to reduce key alcohol expectancies and reduce the typical increase of drinking among first-year students who received this presentation when compared to control students. Read more about our research in the NASPA Journal article here.