About Us

Mission Statement

Crossroads, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education Programs, is dedicated to the advancement of thoughtful and healthy decision-making regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Crossroads encourages legal accountability and personal responsibility in all choices involving alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Crossroads programming will fall under one or more of the following program directions:

  • Early identification and intervention for individual students
  • Impacting individuals for behavior change
  • Campus-wide collaboration on creating a healthy environment
  • Connection to community to create healthy environments for current and upcoming students

Departmental Goals

  • Prevent and reduce high-risk drinking and drug use.
  • Engage and develop student leadership in the area of substance abuse prevention.
  • Engage with the local and regional community to create healthier environments for current and future students.
  • Research, develop, and disseminate effective programs to address high-risk drinking and drug use.
  • Provide early identification and/or intervention of substance abuse issues for students.