WHA-UNCW Community Campus

UNCW-Sponsored Programs

Community CampusPublic Sociology
The Public Sociology undergraduate program is based at the Community Campus. Students participate in a two-semester long program that consists of weekly onsite class meetings where they identify critical social issues, design a research project and complete research. In the first semester, students attend weekly class meetings, determine their research interest based on residents' input, and become familiar with the community. During the second semester, students undertake an intense 160 hour internship experience where they complete their research, assist with the management of the community campus, and participate in the creation, implementation and/or coordination of programming that is offered at the Community Campus. Students are given a unique opportunity to apply previously learned sociological concepts, principles and theories to real-life situations. While participating in community based research, students are able to engage in hands- on approach to addressing social problems and concerns.

Hillcrest Reading Program
The Hillcrest Reading Program's goal is to assist in reducing the achievement gap between white and black children in the New Hanover County area. They use the book, "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons," which uses directive instruction. The program has been at the Community Campus since it opened and has grown significantly. Each semester over 40 UNCW student volunteers work with the children of Hillcrest to improve their reading abilities. This program also serves as a research tool for John Rice, sociology and criminology and Martin Kozloff, education leadership.

Gerontology Program
Since Fall 2009 the Gerontology Program has provided a Graduate student to lead Senior Programming at the Community Campus. In the Fall 2010 semester, undergraduate students of gerontology were given the opportunity to participate in a service learning experience as well. UNCW students have worked with the senior adults at the Community Campus in a variety of ways by providing activities such as chair aerobics, a walking group, arts and crafts, card games, Bingo and socials.

Community Garden
The William McDuffie Garden was created in May 2009. The children in the community who attend the Community Campus afterschool programming work with community volunteers, the campus coordinator and interns to plant, weed, water, and harvest the vegetables that are grown. The garden is co-sponsored by the Southeastern North Carolina Food Systems Program Feast Down East.

Friends Food & Fun
Friends, Food & Fun is a program for children that combines nutrition, cooking and gardening. The program was created through a partnership with the Southeastern North Carolina Food Systems and a group of the Public Sociology interns. Local chefs, farmers, and community volunteers come to the Community Campus to work with the kids and give them a hands on experience in gardening, cooking and nutrition.

Digital Books
This program was facilitated by Susan Catapano in the Watson School of Education in spring 2009. She and her students worked along children ages 10 and up to create several books. The children in the community used digital cameras with the assistance of students. They then used the pictures to tell a story about themselves. The books that were created are currently in the library at the Community Campus.

Library Renovations
During the Fall 2009 semester, Susan Catapano and her students from the Watson School of Education worked with children eight years old and up to rejuvenate the library at the Community Campus. They spent time going through the books in the library, sorted them according to reading level and started to prepare the library to become a Lending Library. They also participated in poetry and math activities.

Monday Afternoon Activities
Each Monday in the Spring 2010 semester, students from the Watson School of Education came to the Community Campus and led after school activities. They did a variety of activities with the school aged children, from assisting with homework and playing games to completing arts and crafts projects.

Art with Amy Kirschke
Art and Art History students come to the Community Campus for two special event art projects. The first time was Spring 2009 where they worked with the children to complete their own African Art style project. They came again in Spring 2010 and helped the children make silhouettes of themselves.

Teaching Parents to Teach
This program was a student and faculty program that brought parents and preschool aged children to the Community Campus to assist the parents in better preparing their children for school. Each week a read aloud was done with the children and then a hands on learning activity was completed. At the end of each session the parents were able to take the activity home to continue working on it with their children.

This program was led by an undergraduate public sociology student. Using the IBM KidSmart computers, she worked with 4 year olds to better their computer skills.

Adult Computer Classes
Information Technology Systems Division (ITSD) employees led weekly computer classes at the Community Campus. They offered a variety of training from very basic skills to how to use social media. ITSD also offers an online Office Suite class for Community Campus participants. They can come to the computer lab and complete the modules and receive a certificate upon completion.

Afterschool Program

The Community Campus offers afterschool programming for children age six years old and up. This program is coordinated by the campus coordinator, who is a graduate student of the CAPS program. Undergraduate Public Sociology students also assist with the daily planning and implementation of the program. Each day the children receive homework assistance and then participate in an education activity.

Teaching Fellows Tutoring Program
Students participating in the Teaching Fellows program came to the Community Campus and offered tutoring in math, science, social studies and English in Spring 2010. They also assisted children with homework and played games with them. Many assisted with the afterschool program also.

Community Sponsored Programs

The Community Campus collaborates with community partners such as Cape Fear Community College and DREAMS Center for Arts Education.

Cape Fear Community College currently offers a GED class at the Community Campus two days a week. They also use the Community Campus computer lab to teach their Rising to Success Job Skills classes.

DREAMS Center for Arts Education has been a part of the afterschool program since the spring 2009. They have worked with the children in African Dance, Ceramics and Recycled Art. They also directed the children in drawing a beautiful mural on the hallway of the Community Campus.

The Community Campus has also sponsored one day events for the community such as fall festivals and spring garden parties.