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Community CampusService Learning can be simply defined as an opportunity to promote the development of active involvement and integration between academia and real life experiences. Students who participate in service learning experiences are able to apply what they have learned in class to real world situations.

Community Based Research is research completed in the community with the assistance of community partners. Community based research is different from traditional service learning because it incorporates a participatory component by adding community members to the research team. Instead a providing a direct service, as students do with traditional service learning, the students are working side by side with community members and they are each learning.

Community based research and student service-learning could not take place without good community university partnerships. Community partnerships are something that must be cultivated over time. By building a successful partnership with community organizations and community members, universities can bridge the gap in the gown-town relationship and bring academia into the real world. As relationships become stronger more university students are able to participate in learning experiences outside of the classroom.

North Carolina Campus Compact
North Carolina Campus Compact, launched in 2002, builds the capacity of colleges and universities to produce civically-engaged graduates and to strengthen communities. The Compact state office works to provide resources, training and opportunities to member campuses that they may not be able to pursue individually. Elon University serves as our host and fiscal agent and we are a member of national Campus Compact, which has nearly 1,200 presidential members, and 35 state offices.

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