WHA-UNCW Community Campus

Community Campus

WHA-UNCW Community Campus

The WHA-UNCW Community Campus is a unique partnership between the Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA) and the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Through this partnership UNCW students and faculty complete relevant research and service-learning experiences while providing much needed and appreciated programs and events for the local low income community.


  • Establish and maintain an ongoing UNCW faculty, staff and student presence in WHA communities and working collaboratively to build relationships with WHA residents and staff.
  • Implement and sustain programs designed to meet the diverse needs of the community as identified by WHA residents and staff.
  • Enhance the learning experiences of UNCW students and improve their skills as researchers and community resource provider through a variety of academically directed and course related experiential activities.
  • Share findings generated through the Community Based research projects and support and enhance the work that is being done by WHA.

We offer a learning experience outside of the traditional classroom that gives students real life experience that complement s what they learn in class.