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Refugees & Immigration


Our Refugee System is Failing: Here’s How we can Fix it

A Boat Carrying 500 Refugees Sunk at Sea. The Story of Two Survivors.

The Real World of Little Bee

Four POV Documentaries to Discuss the Syrian Refugee Crisis

13 Powerful Films about Refugees You Need to See

Seven free short films about refugees recommended by human rights educators


Klein, A. & Williams, L. (2012). Immigration Detention in the Community: Research on the
Experiences of Migrants Released from Detention Centres in the UK. Population, Space,
and Place, 18, 741-753.

Stewart, E. & Mulvey, G. (2013). Seeking Safety Beyond Refuge: The Impact of Immigration
and Citizenship Policy Upon Refugees in the UK. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies,
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Wong, E.C. & Miles, J.N. (2014). Prevalence and Correlates of Depression Among New U.S.
Immigrants. Journal of Immigrant Minority Health, 16, 422-428.

**Also see Mental Health for further information regarding mental health and Refugees**

Brothers Run Again and Again as Boko Haram Terror Spreads - Helene Caux 

Q&A: The Challenges to Ending Displacement in Nigeria – Angele Dikongue-Atangana

Migrant Crisis: Migration to Europe Explained in Seven Charts – BBC America

Myths and Facts on Refugees, Migration, and Humanitarian Assistance – US Department of State

Myths and Facts: Resettling Syrian Refugees – US Department of State


Humans of New York: Refugee Stories

The UN Refugee Agency Website

US Department of State – Syrian Refugee Response

Melissa Fleming TED – Voice for Refugees



Famous Failures

The Power of Resilience – Sam Goldstein

InBrief: The Science of Resilience


What is Resilience? – American Psychological Association

Building Resiliency – Jane Collingwood

10 Tips to Building Resilience – American Psychological Association


UNCW Counseling Center Resiliency Pinterest Board 

The Road to Resilience

Resiliency Quiz – How Resilient Are You?

Mental Health


Let’s End the Silence Around Suicide (4 Talks – Playlist)


Montgomery, E. (2011). Trauma, Exile, and Mental Health in Young Refugees. Acta Psychiatrica
Scandinavica, 124, 1-46. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0447.2011.01740.x

Hollander, A.C., Bruce, D., Burstrom, B., & Ekblad, S. (2011). Gender-Related Mental Health
Differences Between Refugees and Non-Refugee Immigrants – A Cross-Sectional Register
based Study. BMC Public Health, 1-8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-180.

Knowlden, A.P., Hackman, C.L., & Sharma, M. (2016). Lifestyle and Mental Health Correlates of Psychological Distress in College Students. Health Education Journal, 75, 370-382.

7 Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid – Guy Winch

How Should We Talk About Mental Health? – Thu-Huong Ha

Student Mental Health –

Improving Mental and Emotional Health –

Refugees Mental Health -- A Public Mental Health Challenge -Lindert, Carta, Schafer, & Mollica

UNCW CARE - Sexual Assault Resource Packet

UNCW CARE - Relationship Abuse Resource Packet

UNCW CARE - Stalking Resource Packet


UNCW Counseling Center

UNCW Counseling Center Suicide Prevention and Awareness Pinterest Board

UNCW Counseling Center Hope and Optimism Pinterest Board

UNCW Counseling Center Anxiety Management Pinterest Board

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

UNCW Care Website

Get Involved with CARE

UNCW Title IX Website

College Transitions


18 Important Things You’ll Wish You’d Known in College – Carolyn Kylstra

Dorm Life – Jeff McGuire

Adjusting to College – Counseling Center at University of Illinois


UNCW Counseling Center College Adjustment Pinterest Board  

Transition Year: Your Source for Emotional Health at College



Is There a Real You? – Julian Baggini

Who Are You Really? The Puzzle of Personality – Brian Little


We’re Not So Different After All – Tillett Wright

The Year We Obsessed Over Identity – Wesley Morris 

Where Does Identity Come From? – Jason Castro 

The Quarter-Life Crisis: A College Student’s Struggle for Identity – Tiffany Hu

Cultural Awareness


A Class Divided Experiment

How Language Changes Over Time – (7 Talks – Playlist)


Cultural Awareness –

Become a Better Leader with These 5 Cultural-Awareness Tips – Peter Gasca

How Culture Can Help a City Rebuild After Tragedy – Jimmy Guterman

Why I Taught Myself 20 Languages and What I Learned About Myself in the Process – Timothy Doner

To Understand Inequality, Let’s Play a Game – Emily McManus


UNCW Counseling Center Diversity Pinterest Board

UNCW Counseling Center International Students Pinterest Board

UNCW Upperman African American Cultural Center Website

UNCW Centro Hispano Website 

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Training Schedule

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