Communication Studies

Swansea, Wales

During Spring 2009 Dr. Patricia Comeaux served as faculty leader for UNCW students during their Swansea Study Abroad Program. See photos and captions for a few highlights of their semester and read student accounts of previous semesters below:


Students enjoying dinner at Dr. Comeaux's flat in Swansea.

pub on the pond

UNCW Students and Dr. Comeaux at "Pub on the Pond," Swansea University

One of several field trips arranged for studentsfieldtrip

reader's theatre, dylan thomas centre

UNCW students performing "The Works of Dylan Thomas (a Reader's Theatre Script) in the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea, Wales, May 2009


Countryside in Wales (photo by Dr. Comeaux

With every experience I have ever imagined in my mind, I cannot think of anything better than my experience studying abroad. Everything that I learned was beneficial to me in numerous ways and will help me in many future situations. I discovered hidden feelings and emotions that I had never felt before. I would sum this up by my discovery of who I really am through travelling to different countries and meeting people with a different take on the world. You can't be a well-rounded person until you have actually dipped yourself into other cultures; there truly is no better way to find out more about yourself and the world.

~Sarah Beth Hailey, Communication Studies Major

Will Bareford - Swansea University Spring 2008

During my study abroad at Swansea University, Spring 2008, I was an intern at a Welsh TV station called Telesgop. After my first day I knew that the experience would be rewarding. At Telesgop I was able to learn about the daily work of television production as well as learn more about Wales and its unique culture. The staffers at Telesgop are bilingual; however they speak to each other throughout the day in Welsh. The company is very in tune with the culture of Wales.

By far the most memorable experiences I had at my internship were the two days I spent on location with the film crew. On Tuesday, January 22, I caught a train and met Terwyn, my supervisor, in the town of Carmarthen. Ffermio (Telesgop's farming TV show) was doing a small piece about the Carmarthen Livestock market and its owner Dai Lewis. It was a bitter cold day but the livestock market was alive with farmers throughout the Welsh country side. Most of the farmers were old men, in flat caps, with gruff, wrinkled faces. They all spoke Welsh. They had come to sell or bid on Cattle. The experience was unique, not only because it was Wales, but I also had never been to a rural livestock market before and it was an incredible learning experience.

Overall, I had a great experience studying abroad in Swansea. The classes were laid back and the students were very friendly. I was able to explore the UK as well as travel throughout Europe to Italy, France, and The Netherlands. It's one of those trips that I'll never forget. My internship experiences will not only be a notch on my resume but last a lifetime in my memories.

~William (Will) Bareford, Film Studies Major