Conflict Management and Resolution

Video Teleconferencing Classrooms

Randall Library VTC classroomIn order to make this course readily accessible to our military personnel located at Camp Lejeune, we have utilized VTC technology. With this technology, students at Camp Lejeune can view and interact with the class when it is being taught at UNCW and vice versa. This also allows for the lectures to be readily available to the students throughout the semester via the internet.

In VTC classrooms students can view the other class (left) and the Power Point lecture (right). The students can also communicate with the students in the other classroom; making debates and discussions possible.

Video Teleconferencing Classroom

The teacher can view the other class (back screen/ front left screen) and can control the Power Point lecture as well (front right). He can communicate withe the students in the other classroom and they can communicate with him.

off site student view of lecture in VTC classroom

This is the view of the recorded lecture on the internet. In the view shown above, the Power Point lecture (right) will change slides with the video lecture (left). The video lecture can be viewed in full screen without the Power Point lecture and the Power Point can be viewed in full screen without the video. When the Power Point lecture is in full screen, students can manually browse the slides. Students will then be given archived access to these lectures for the entire semester. These are recordings which are posted after the lecture has taken place; students cannot interact with the class via the internet.