Conflict Management and Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions:

What is a Graduate "Certificate" in Conflict Management and Resolution?

A graduate certificate is a post-baccalaureate program that specializes your undergraduate degree or graduate degree (either taken concurrently or before) in the field of conflict management and resolution (CMR). UNCW's CMR program has a domestic 'track' and an international 'track' and can thus complement both undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, business, social work, sociology, psychology, public administration, international relations, etc.

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Is there a Master's Degree in CMR?

The Department of Public and International Affairs introduced the Master of Arts in Conflict Management and Resolution in the Spring of 2013! Applications are being accepted through the Graduate School.

What if I want to pursue a Master's Degree during or after I am registered for the Certificate?

If you decide you would like to pursue the Master's Degree, you may apply to the program mid-way through the certificate program or afterward and all of your completed coursework will transfer over after you re-apply for the MA. The certificate program currently requires 18 credit hours and the Master's requires 36. You will be able to transfer existing credits to the MA.

What is the two-part blended course model? How does it work?

The two-part blended course model includes a short, intense face-to-face component at the beginning of each session. Courses offered during the week will take place two nights a week for two weeks (4 class modules). Weekend courses will take place on Saturday and Sunday for one weekend. The rest of the semester is based on a 'Distance Education' format. The goal of the blended semi-distance model is to accommodate full-time employees, military personnel, and graduate students that do not have the time to take a face-to-face course on a regular basis, or need to travel as part of their profession.

Is this an online course?

No. The CMR program is semi-distance. While you can be away during the distance portion of the program you will not be required to be online or to meet in virtual classrooms at specific times as required with online courses. CMR courses have a face-to-face component which is important because of the practical component of gaining conflict management skills. CMR instructors may utilize the internet and Blackboard to exchange information and assignment, but not to hold class.

Where are the lectures held?

The CMR program is taught on two campuses at once; UNCW campus and Base Education Center (BEC) at Camp Lejeune Marine Base. We do this by holding our face-to-face portion in Video Teleconferencing (VTC) classes that can be viewed on either campus. Faculty will hold classes in one or the other location but all students will be able to participate because of the VTC technology. All lectures will be recorded and can be accessed, via the internet, throughout the semester and will be available to all students.

What are VTC classrooms? How do they work?

VTC classrooms allow students to participate from a distance. In a VTC classroom students can view the other students, view the teacher and the PowerPoint lecture. In the class where the lecture is being given the teacher can see the students in the VTC room, the students can see the students in the VTC room and they can all interact with each other.

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Who should I contact to get more information about the CMR program?

Contact: Dr. Remonda Kleinberg (Program Coordinator), Elizabeth Nolen (Graduate Assistant), Michael Chittenden (Graduate Assistant)

Admission Questions

Do I need to complete the GRE before applying to this program?

No. You do not need to take the GRE in order to be accepted into this program. Students will be accepted on the basis of merit(3.0 GPA) or the equivalent professional experience.

If I decide to apply for the Masters Program after having already been accepted to the Certificate Program, will I need to apply separately for the MA?

Yes, you will have to apply for the Masters Program and all you credits will be transferred over once accepted.

Can I apply for financial aid?

We are in the process of accessing financial aid for the program.

Are the costs per credit hour the same as all graduate programs at UNCW?

No, the cost for distance education is less per credit hour.

Who do I contact to get more information about the application and payment process?

Contact: Mrs. Kimberly Harris, Administrative Specialist in the Graduate School.