CHHS Dean Receives 2018 Public Health Partners Award for Supporting SENCRHC's Public Health Initiatives

CHHS Dean Receives 2018 Public Health Partners Award for Supporting SENCRHC’s Public Health Initiatives

CHHS Dean Charles Hardy recently received the 2018 Public Health Partners Award for his contributions to support the public health initiatives of the South Eastern North Carolina Regional Health Collaborative (SENCRHC).

The award was created to recognize organizations, businesses and professional associations that have made significant contributions to the advancement and promotion of public health in North Carolina.

The SENCRHC is a nine-county collaborative that includes health directors, CHHS leadership and Southeast Area Health Education staff. Its vision is for residents to be actively engaged in healthy lifestyles.

The award was announced on Jan. 17 at the award ceremony held at the North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors meeting in Raleigh, but since Dean Hardy was unable to attend due to inclement weather, the SENCRHC presented him with the award locally at the Southeastern North Carolina Collaborative meeting that took place on Feb. 2.

“What an honor it is for me to accept this award on behalf of the Southeastern North Carolina Regional Health Collaborative,” Dean Hardy said. “I am very proud of the role that the Center for Healthy Communities has played in the development of the Collaborative.”

The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) serves as the backbone of the SENCRHC, providing the guidance, coordination and communication needed to maintain an effective Collaborative.

Dean Hardy went on to say, “While we believe that the SENCRHC has helped all of us do our day jobs better, I would be remiss if I did not comment on the professional and personal relationships this Collaborative has afforded us. Many of the health directors hold adjunct faculty status within the CHHS and are familiar faces in our classrooms, special events, and two of our members have delivered Commencement Addresses. We have created a community, a circle of friends and colleagues, deeply committed to achieving our vision of working to enhance the health and quality of life of our beloved Southeastern North Carolina. While we are all proud of the progress we have made, I believe we have only begun to realize the power of working together.”