CHHS Holds #metoo Coffee Hour Event to Discuss to Discuss Sexual Assault and Harrassment

CHHS Holds #metoo Coffee Hour Event to Discuss Sexual Assault and Harrassment

On Feb. 23, CHHS held a #metoo Coffee Hour event to discuss the topic of sexual assault and harassment.

More than 20 people across the university came together to discuss this important issue, representing the Office of the Arts; Women’s Studies and Resource Center; Office of the General Counsel; Communication Studies Department; UNCW CARE; CHHS Center for Healthy Communities and Student Success Center; Distance Education; and SPARC. Other attendees included CHHS students, staff, faculty and alumni.

“This coffee hour is all about sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention,” Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, Justine Reel said. “This is a topic that I have become reenergized to study myself. I know when we’ve had all of the things that have come out with the #metoo movement, the best way that I have been able to resolve it in my mind is, how can we channel that energy to be an activist?”

Justine, in her role as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, identified a call for papers for a special issue of the journal, focused on #MeToo: Sexual Assault and Harassment in Sport and Performance. To learn more information about ways to contribute to this special issue, click here.

In addition to the topic of #metoo, Pre-Award Grant Specialist Althea Lewis offered Requests for Proposals to guide the possibility of future funding for specific projects around sexual assault and harassment.

Coffee Hour is an on-going series of events that focuses on various health and human services topics. The purpose is to foster the development of interprofessional teams by providing faculty across campus and community partners with monthly opportunities to assemble and discuss common research interests.

Additionally, an email distribution list was created for participants to continue to communicate about collaboration opportunities, share resources and work together.