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Academic Affairs Updates

The Academic Affairs Core Service Team is here to make your big ideas happen! We are here to be your advocators of creativity. If you have big ideas for curriculum, please come talk to the Academic Affairs Core Service Team for us to show you how to make it happen. Reach out to us at

Academic Affairs Outreach Campaign

The Academic Affairs team presented at the SHAHS and SON faculty meetings to share new curriculum expectations, workflow and deadlines, and signatory authority around common academic and student-related matters. The team plans on attending the School of Social Work’s upcoming faculty meeting in March to share that information with them, as well. The team is currently working on a resource web page that will house all the documents discussed, but in the interim, if you would like an additional copy, please reach out to Krystal Lyons at

Get hygge with Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Core Service Team is here to be just that, a core service to the faculty and staff of the CHHS. Please attend our inaugural Get Hygge with Academic Affairs session on March 21 in the Golden Hawk Room in Trask. We’ll discuss what this hygge is all about and what it means. There will be homemade baked goods, tea and coffee. The team will introduce themselves and their roles, talk about how Academic Affairs fits into CHHS and discuss the who’s who of forms – this form goes to who?

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AAOp Welcomes Christie Hernandez as Coordinator of Internships, Clinical, and Field Placements Operations

Christie Hernandez, Coordinator of Internship, Clinical, and Field Placements Christie Hernandez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 27, 1993. She also considers herself a native of North Carolina, having spent most of her adolescence just an hour northwest of UNCW in Clinton, N.C.

She started off her relationship with the CHHS as a student assistant in October of 2013, assisting with the design of conceptual and descriptive process maps, improving the organizational system within the office, answering the main CHHS phone line and creating/proofing/planning departmental presentations.

After earning her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (with a concentration in management and leadership) in 2015 from the Cameron School of Business, she continued working for CHHS as a temporary staff in the role of administrative associate of the office of the dean. During this time, she had a variety of duties, including facilitation of student forms, curriculum committee support, reporting, schedule building and initiating the process system for the School of Nursing FNP clinical experiences.

In September of 2016, Christie had the opportunity to make her position at CHHS permanent by joining the Academic Affairs Operations Core Services Team and beginning her role as an academic affairs operations specialist. In her time with the team, her main functions included academic course schedule build, internship/clinical/field placement process management, affiliation agreement facilitation, OAP support, advisor assignments facilitation, and policy and procedure development. She developed close relationships with faculty, administrators and campus staff to improve the FNP clinical placement processes and established an effective record-keeping system for student contracts. Christie has also made connections with external stakeholders, including over 80 clinical or educational sites, in order to establish agreements for CHHS students to complete their rotations at their sites. With collaboration of students, coordinators and staff, she has managed a list of over 800 preceptors for the FNP program in order to convert it into a utilizable resource for students.

Christie graduated with her Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the College of Education and Allied Professionals at Western Carolina University in December of 2016. The missions for their graduates is to enhance their knowledge of and passion for the potential of people in organizations. Christie completed several group collaborations and consulting projects, two NC non-profit organizations while in the program.

The Coordinator of Internship, Clinical, and Field Placements (ICFP) Operations will administrate, coordinator and manage the process and procedures for the internships, clinical and field placement operations. Their duties include creating and processing field placement documents, developing and processing site affiliation agreements and memorandum of understanding, facilitating completion and dissemination of required enrollment paperwork, evaluating field placement sites and supervisors and maintaining student field placement records reports. The ICFP Coordinator will collaborate with faculty, administrators and staff to develop and maintain an ICFP calendar, policy and procedures manual, and records systems. As a member of the Academic Affairs Operations Service Team within the college, this individual will be asked to collaborate and interface with other members of that team on a regular basis to ensure that college operational needs are met and the specific needs of ICFP operations are well represented.

Her history and educational experiences prepped her to be an excellent candidate for the Coordinator of ICFP Operations. Christie’s strengths in data management, organization, technology and collaboration will provide CHHS faculty, administrators and staff with a much-needed support system in this realm of Academic Affairs. She will now be located in McNeill Hall, Room 3050.

“My goal is to provide some tools to our faculty and administrators that can best help them to continue mastering relationships with partners within their fields, providing reinforcement for our students as they complete some of the most important parts of their curriculum, and relieve them of some of the process pieces that can take away from their time that can be better spent serving our students,” Christie said.

Christie spends much of her free time with her husband and family (including her two fur-children, Fluffy and Chewy), traveling far and near, expanding their food pallet, working on DIY projects and watching movies or her favorite shows.